Kyle Stanley

Bellish Knitting App | Create A Free Knitting Pattern

The ability for me to make EXACTLY what I want, not make do. I can use the yarn I already have which makes me feel better because my stash is huge! And I can adapt it in every possible way. Complete freedom.


The instructions are super easy to follow and the app is constantly being updated with new things.


I love that you can choose how you want to make a garment, but the hard work of the maths, etc. is done for you. The instructions are clear & I can carry them in my pocket to read as I go.


My favorite thing about knitting with Bellish is how easy I can customize a pattern. I was making a plain cropped short sleeve sweater and noticed that I still had a lot of yarn, so I went back and changed the pattern to include oval twist stitches at the bottom to make it longer. The instructions are easy to understand and I like that there are checkpoints to make sure I have the correct stitch count.


I wanted a big comfy sweater and this was a perfect way to do it. I love that bellish assists in the design and walks you through every step. I love to knit…’s my therapy!


I have always wanted to knit a sweater and I have always felt intimidated. When I discovered this app I felt as though my prayers were answered because it took all my guessing away and gave me straight and forward instructions. I was able to knit my very first sweater and was very pleased with the results.


I love that it’s so easy to make changes to a pattern and experiment with different textures and colors. Having everything instantly laid out visually greatly speeds the design process.


My mum knitted me the most gorgeous mustard yellow jumper with the lace pattern at the bottom. She is super crafty and was looking for a project during Melbourne COVID lockdown – it was really fun to have a project to collaborate together on whilst separated by lockdown (even if we had to do some measurements via video call!)


The instructions were easy to understand and to follow. I also found especially helpful the stitch counts at each step. My favourite thing about knitting with Bellish was knowing I could knit my first ever sweater, design it my exact sizing using a completely free app! Thank you Bellish for making a lifetime knitter out of me 🙂


Generating a pattern with the yarn in my stash, developing a unique garment that fits (!), and the instructions are SUPER EASY – luuv the stitch count feature which kept me on track.



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