Cameron Tringale

Boy with the umbrella – Chapter 9

Chapter Text

 They got their assigned cabins. In each cabin, there would be two teachers. Which came in handy, because somehow, Gi-hun and his friends ended up with Deok-su in their cabin. Ji-yeong just sent their group chat a lot of crying and angry faced emojis and telling them Mi-Nyeo was in her cabin. At least Ji-yeong wasn't alone though, Sae-byeok was with her and she definitely knew how to handle the upperclassman without getting in trouble for it.

Granted, Deok-su can’t really do anything lest he risk getting expelled completely. But Gi-hun had long since known that words hurt more than punches.

“Damn, we’re with grand-daddy’s boy, Byeong-gi.” Deok-su told his friend, but was definitely trying to make himself heard. “Hope his faggy hands doesn’t rape us in our sleep.”

Gi-hun clenched his fists, towel on hand. They were taking turns changing into the school’s uniformed swim rash guard, and the rest room of their cabin can only fit three people at the time. He had told the others to go first, since he wanted to take inventory of his things and make sure nothing dropped in the bag. Also, he said that someone had to stay back and make sure no one (Deok-su) messed with their stuff either. Gi-hun sucked it in, and just did his best to ignore him.

Unfortunately, Deok-su wasn’t getting that memo.

Gi-hun sighed as he sees familiar sneakers from the guy who’s given no one nothing else but grief… Maybe except Mi-Nyeo. She’s the only one who sees the appeal in him, and vice versa. Those guys were clearly made for each other.

“Hey, don’t ignore me, fag.”

Gi-hun narrowed his eyes, as he looked up to face this head on, whilst wishing the others would come back now. “You were talking to Byeong-gi.” He deadpanned, “There was nothing to ignore.”

“You’re a fag and a smartass, huh?” Deok-su sneered, “Can’t understand why baby Hwang is screwing you. He’s clearly out of your league. Oh! Do you have a tight ass, too?” He snickered. “Gives a new meaning to asshole.”

Gi-hun’s blood boiled, and he stood up to really sock it to Deok-su. 

Even before Jun-ho agreed to date him, even for pretend, he really hated it when people would pass him off as a fuck boy just because he was the only one in their year who has already been in three relationships. It’s not his fault he’s desirable and people ask him out and he’s nice enough to agree dating them. Before he could raise a fist though, In-ho stepped in between them and punches a fist to his open hand.

“Sorry Jang, I had wax in my ears.” In-ho growled, “What did you say about my brother?”

Deok-su tried not to show it, but he nearly whimpered like a scared puppy. From his bunk, Byeong-gi sighed, face palming. He walked over, grabbing Deok-su by the back of his shirt and pulling him back.

“Absolutely nothing, seonbae. C’mon, Jang.” Byeong-gi dragged him back to their bunks.

In-ho rolled his eyes, before looking towards the shorter boy. “You okay, hoobae?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Gi-hun grinned, “Thanks for getting him off my back.”

In-ho smiled, pushing his hands into his shorts. He was also one of those still waiting for his turn to change. “No thanks needed. Nobody talks about my brother that way, or his boyfriend.” he said. “You know, he really likes you a lot.”

Gi-hun didn’t respond to that. He was caught off guard, that Jun-ho even continued the act all the way home? That was some dedication. 

“Hm? Hey,” In-ho noticed that the younger’s boy expressed lost its smile. “Are you really okay?” He ruffled his head.

“Your turn, Gi-hun.” Ali said. Finally, he and the others have returned.

Jun-ho noticed his brother’s hand on Gi-hun’s head. “Bro, did something happen?” He asked, trying not to get jealous of his own brother. In-ho already had a boyfriend, too. “Gi-hun?”

“Nothing!” Gi-hun answered, beaming. “I’m going to change to my trunks now.” he grabbed his string bag with his rash guard and went into the rest room.

In-ho looked at his brother “I’m changing now too.” he said before following Gi-hun.

Jun-ho looked concerned.




The school prepared a bunch of team building games for them. Gi-hun didn’t know whether to be surprised or not that the games were somehow children themed. Though they did come up with some good twists to make it challenging. Apart from the fact that they would win as a group, they added some rules to the mechanics to make it interesting. Considering the included mechanics, too, it really did help Gi-hun make sure that these last few days as Jun-ho’s boyfriend will be memorable. The groupings were according to one male cabin mixed with one girl cabin for this game.

Depending on how he decided to look at it though, it may or may not be so helpful.

Their first game was ‘Red light, green light‘ at a reserved portion of the beach. It wasn’t summer vacation, so the resort didn’t mind them using it. After all, it wasn’t really tourism season. In this version, however, they only officially win if all members of their group cross over to the end point. The one calling out the chant was the class advisor of In-ho’s class.

Mugunghwa Kkoci Pieot Seumnida (Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!)
Mugunghwa Kkoci Pieot Seumnida (Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!)
Mugunghwa Kkoci Pieot Seumnida (Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!)

Most, if not all, students were pretty familiar with the game, as it was a common game played when they were children. The twists, however, made it more challenging. The losers get shot The groups are all in even numbers. So they would choose a partner in their team and their ankles would be tied against the other, so it was like ‘Red light, green light‘ three-legged raced type of game. Ali and Sangwoo paired up together. In their own team, Ji-yeong and Sae-byeok were partners.

Of course, Gi-hun paired up with Jun-ho.

Mugunghwa Kkoci Pieot Seumnida (Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!)
Mugunghwa Kkoci Pieot Seumnida (Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!)
Mugunghwa Kkoci Pieot Seumnida (Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!)

If they were caught moving during red light, it didn’t mean they were out. However, it did mean they would have to start from the beginning; the shore line. Gi-hun apologized because he screwed up one time, and he and Jun-ho were the only pair in their team who needed to return. The group is close to winning now, too. It was green light, Jun-ho and Gi-hun did their best to catch up again. In front of them, they can see Sangwoo and Ali. They’re team made a panicked gasped because Sangwoo tripped up when it had been about to be red light. But Ali caught him by the rash guard. Everyone, even those in the other team, were in awe as Ali managed to maintain still as the teacher was looking. They expected Sangwoo to just fall, and they’d have to start from the beginning too like Jun-ho and Gi-hun had. Gi-hun sort of wished Sangwoo did stumble, just so he wouldn’t be the only screw up.

But Ali was strong enough to keep them both stead. Then it became green light again, and the two crossed over to the finished line.

“I’m sorry, hyung!” Ali said immediately, as they were undoing the knot tying their ankles. “Did I grab you too hard?”

Sangwoo shook his head, “I’m fine Ali, it’s okay.” he said and added a smile for measure. “At least we made it, right?”


The girls didn’t know who to be more jealous of, Ali receiving a rare smile from Sangwoo or Sangwoo who’s receiving one of the best smiles in the world.

“Sorry Jun-ho….” Gi-hun muttered quickly during green light, as they did their best to shuffle quickly at every green light. He thought back to what Deok-su said in their cabin, that Jun-ho was out of his league. It showed right at this moment. Gi-hun was so lame, and a screw up.

Jun-ho didn’t falter as they pressed on, “Don’t mind, Gi.” He said, “This is good. It means I can hold on to you much longer.”

Gi-hun almost screwed up again in the next red light. It’s not fair, he almost sniffled. It’s so not fair… I want to hold on to him much longer too…

The two eventually crossed over to the end line, and their team won the first game.

Each player received points for their wins, depending on their placements first to fourth.




After that game, they allowed the students some free time to just play around at the beach or swim at the sea. If they were going swimming, there was a specific limit they were allowed to swim at, and the resort’s lifeguard was notified of it. That’s why it was important for the to wear their uniforms. If the lifeguard found a student going farther than the school’s limit, then the student would be receiving time out and a deduction of the points won in the games.

Gi-hun played in one of those activities the resort provided, where players balance on a beam in the middle of the water, and have to hit each other until one of them fell. It was three out of two point system till a game was over. In retrospect, it might’ve not been a good idea to play against Sae-byeok. But it had been fun over all, even if it meant Gi-hun losing and getting sore a bit. 

“Are you all right, Gi-hun?” Jun-ho fretted, going over as Gi-hun sat on the beam to recover. “You didn’t have to hit so hard, you know.”

Sae-byeok rolled her eyes, “I didn’t, he’s just a wimp.”

“Way to kick someone when they’re down, Sae-byeok.” Gi-hun pulled a tongue out at her.

Ji-yeong giggled, “Very mature, Seong.”

“You guys should stop making fun of him,” Jun-ho groused, getting really irritated with these two. “It’s not funny.”

Sae-byeok stared at him, it was a surprise that he didn’t flinch. Even Ji-yeong blinked in astonishment.

“Jun-ho, relax.” Gi-hun nudged him good-naturedly, chuckling. “That’s just how we get along, it’s nothing. Anyway, I’m ready to swim back to the beach.” Before Gi-hun could jump back into the water, when Jun-ho caught him and pulled him in to scoop him into his arms. “Woah! Uh, it’s shallow so I can walk fine, you know?”

Jun-ho nodded his head in response, “I know.” he said. “But I want to carry you, anyway.”

“Mmm…” Gi-hun pouted, and sighed, before putting his hands behind Jun-ho ‘s neck for stability. “You’re mean, Jun-ho…”

Jun-ho raised a brow, “I’m mean, but Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong aren’t?”


Jun-ho waited for elaboration, but it looked like Gi-hun was leaving it at that.




The next time they ate, it was before the next game. They had a barbeque and, since the school didn’t really want to encourage drinking sodas, they passed out juice. The students could still buy sodas if they want from the stalls around the beach. But if the students didn’t want to use up their pocket money for that, and would rather save for souvenirs, then they would have to deal with juice.

After the students have all eaten, they proceeded to the next game. A classic game of tug of war, this time, Gi-hun’s cabin ended up paired with Sae-byeok’s cabin. Ironically though, the first round of elimination is to compete within your team to see which group goes against another team. For their round of elimination within cabinmates, they went against Deok-su and Mi-Nyeo. But they had Ali in their team, whom was one of the strongest persons in their year. Plus, In-ho, who is a upperclassmen for both them as well as Deok-su. With a combo edge, since Gi-hun’s dad had taught him a good trick before on how to gain an advantage in tug of war and Sangwoo’s near end strategy when they started to lose their early game advantage, about taking three steps forward to have the other team loose their footing, Gi-hun’s team won their elimination round.

Even if they didn’t end up winning the over all game, Gi-hun and his friends was satisfied enough to beat Deok-su.

“You were so cool Ali!” Gi-hun had cheered, to which Ali received the praise bashfully. “It had been right to make you the anchor, you’re freaking strong!”

Sangwoo sighed, “For the last time, Gi-hun, ‘freaking‘ is not an adjective.”

“Nor is it a cool alternative for ‘fucking‘ either.” Sae-byeok deadpanned.

Gi-hun pouted, his glare directed at Sangwoo. “Just for that, I’m not complimenting you for that last minute idea of yours.”

“Oh the horror.”

After tug of war, once more, they were allowed to have a free time swim at the beach. But that was cut short since, while they were in the middle of wading through shallow waters and just having a splash fight and were moving it deeper into a chicken fight, the winds started to pick up. They thought it was nothing at first, but then a drizzle started. It didn’t seem too dangerous or anything, but the lifeguard used a megaphone to have all people in the beach come back indoors. Still, Jun-ho tensed up as he kept Gi-hun protectively at his side. It wasn’t like Gi-hun was struggling too hard wading through the water, but he didn’t push Jun-ho away or chided him for being a worry wart. It was later discovered that there was a hurricane nearby. Luckily though, it seemed to simply stay at the middle of the sea. The worse they were getting were very strong winds… And the end of outdoor activities.

Fortunately, the school prepared indoor activities as well. They were able to play some hopscotch, and after that, a game that involved pairs having a balloon pressed between their bottoms and having to pass some obstacles without it falling. If the balloon fell, they would have to start once more from the beginning similar to how it went with ‘Red light, green light‘ 

Sangwoo had a strategy, that they would hold hands with their partner so they can stay connected and make sure the balloon didn’t drop.

As soon as he held hands with Ali though, with the other boy gripping tightly because he was determined not to inconvenience Sangwoo during the game that they’d have to restart, Sangwoo started to feel his heart do a somersault.

The others in their team followed this strategy. Once more, Gi-hun and Jun-ho were the last pair but not because they restarted. It was just that they were the last pair on the line up. Once they crossed the finish line, their team won the game. When they won, Gi-hun cheered and jumped on the balloon to pop it out of spite. It was a big balloon though, so the popping impact hurt a bit, so G-hun winced after stumbling back, caught by Jun-ho.

Then, Jun-ho leaned down to kiss his lower thigh.

Gi-hun blushed.

In-ho threw a ball at him at the back of his head and yelled, “I love you bro, but no PDA!” he scolded.

The next game, since the teachers predicted them to be tired at this point, was the dalgona challenge. Similar to all the games, the team wins once all members have finished. If a member cracks their shape, no restart but their point won’t be counted. So even if a team finishes, they have to wait for all to be done and see which team had the most members completing their shapes successfully.

Each team’s designated shape would be drawn by lots. 

When Gi-hun’s team received their shape, they already started deflating… They got the umbrella honeycomb.

That was the only game Jun-ho didn’t really hover and look at Gi-hun.

The first position the boy got on when the game started was with his ass up on the air. Even with beach shorts on, it still outlined his ass perfectly. Then he made the mistake to glance once, because everybody was doing something odd and a girl told him they were copying off Gi-hun’s strategy, and even when he already got the hint, he still looks to see Gi-hun licking on his honeycomb as the strategy to get the umbrella shape without breaking it.

Jun-ho cracked his shape and passed out.

Gi-hun fretted over Jun-ho as soon as he had been done with the honeycomb.

Luckily, the rest of their members who haven’t failed yet followed Gi-hun’s lead. They didn’t get first place, but they got second. And that was more than they were expecting.




This went on for the duration of their camp, until they finally reached the last night.

For  their last activity, since the next morning will be mostly given to free time before prepping for departure, would be the classic ‘Test of courage.‘ 

Gi-hun gets sexually harassed by two ladies. So, the school sailed to an particular island for the activity. The resort is known for hosting that kind of activity yearly, after all. The mechanics were for them to follow the path lit by an array of lanterns. They would all go one by one, the next student would precede after the fifteen minutes of the student succeeding them. Teachers will be hiding to at the path the students will be taking, as a safety percussion too. It wasn’t a versus game anymore, at this point. More of a personal achievement. They each carried a charm with their name on it, that they would hang on the shrine at the end of the path, signifying that they succeeded. 

It’s a test of courage, because they’re not allowed to scream. The teachers hidden in the path will jump scare them, and the only have one life. If they screamed once, they can keep going. If they scream again, they give up their charm and go back.

Gi-hun went ahead, and after fifteen minutes Jun-ho, the last person in the line, would follow down the path.

Ever since dating (fake dating, whatever, the lines were all  blurred for Jun-ho at this point) Gi-hun, Jun-ho has been very protective of him, so he was unnerved about Gi-hun going in alone. Even if he didn’t think Gi-hun was a coward. Never. He guess it would also the fact that, since Gi-hun still doesn’t know he wanted to be official with him, for a very long time hopefully, then he didn’t know if Gi-hun was already thinking of rebound prospects. And he would never deny that of Gi-hun, if the boy was already getting over him and he wanted to date someone else. It would hurt. But Jun-ho would still try to see if being a real couple is still something that Gi-hun would want.

Then, Jun-ho’s heart nearly stopped. He stepped on something. Students who were done hanging their charms on the shrine were returning and didn’t really bother checking. But Jun-ho knows this green jacket anywhere. It was Gi-hun’s. Beside the jacket, there was an unlit candle, which was given to all of them for light.

He heard odd sounds and rustling sounds. Having a bad feeling, he ran towards it.

Jun-ho was stunned.

Gi-hun was pinned down to the ground, a woman on top straddling of him, two behind him kneeling on his arms whilst taking turns kissing or licking his face. Sometimes, they would bite down and pull on his ear too. The woman straddling the boy had already pulled down his shorts, one more piece of clothing, he would be bare from the waist down. But that didn’t stop her from stroking his member. Gi-hun’s cries were muffled because of it. But not Jun-ho’s.


Jun-ho gave out an enraged cry before charging at the women and pushing them off Gi-hun. As soon as he was free, the other boy lets out his own scream. The women rushed to get away, but In-ho had been walking back from the direction of the shrine and they ran into him. Deok-su and Byeong-gi were behind him a few short ways, looking stunned, followed by some teachers who were alerted with the outcries. In-ho realized what was going on when he saw the state of Gi-hun and Jun-ho, and made sure they couldn’t get away. Even Deok-su and Byeong-gi rushed forward to help, since the teachers were far back still.

With the women apprehended, Jun-ho embraced Gi-hun tightly, squeezing his shoulder constantly in comfort, as if to say ‘I’m here, I’m here, I got you‘ continuously. Gi-hun’s cries faded to quiet sobs until all Jun-ho could hear was slightly labored breathing, and some hiccups.




After getting back to the mainland, the principal and Gi-hun’s grandfather went to addressed the problem. The teachers made sure to direct the students to the cabin, where they had their dinner, and an early lights out.

Gi-hun continued looking up at the ceiling, seeing without really seeing, “Jun-ho…?”


“Sorry, did I wake you?”

“I wasn’t sleeping you?”

“Do you mind…”

“Sure,” Jun-ho was already climbing out of bed. “Let’s get you some fresh air.”

The two, as quietly as possibly, crept and snuck out of their cabin. Gi-hun didn’t really need to go to far, just a quiet stroll to clear his head. But after what transpired, he didn’t want to be alone. And right now, he didn’t feel safer with anyone else than Jun-ho. Sangwoo and Ali too, but he didn’t need Sangwoo to look like a scolding parent, or Ali’s tears. Because he had cried when he found out what had happened. As for Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong… He still liked them, but they were women. He didn’t need to see them yet with his image of women not being good as of now.

“Jun-ho… Thank you.”

Jun-ho shrugged, not knowing what to say exactly. He didn’t think ‘I would’ve killed them if In-ho and the teachers hadn’t come back so quickly‘ would be the best response. ‘You’re welcome‘ sounded empty as well. He didn’t really think he did a lot, anyway. If he followed his instinct, and ran instead of walk to do the activity right, maybe he would’ve caught up with Gi-hun faster and those ladies wouldn’t have had the guts to assault him. Gi-hun may be older than him by months, but he was shorter than him. So they could easily overwhelm him with number.

FInally, he found the words. “I’ll always be there to protect you,” Jun-ho said. “That’s a promise.”

“Jun-ho, please…” Gi-hun whined a bit, starting to tear up once more. “You know what’s tomorrow, don’t make it hurt more.”

Jun-ho grimaced, and was starting to get really frustrated that Gi-hun wasn’t getting the cues. He was about to yell at him, even though he knew that wouldn’t be the best thing for him right now.

But they heard something, and the sounds of smacking had them looking ahead.

“Deok-su, stop it…”

“C’mon babe, everyone else is asleep, no one’s going to see~”

“I know but still… Oh~”

“See? You like it too…”

Jun-ho and Gi-hun turned like white sheet ghosts when they realize what they were looking at; Deok-su and Byeong-gi heavily making out. Before Gi-hun could scream, Jun-ho covered his mouth and dragged him away until they were farther into the beach. They should head back soon, since they’re not really supposed to be so far from their cabin in this hour, but it’s not like they were too far from it either. It was still relatively close by, just far enough for them not to hear the accursed, core-chilling sounds.

“We didn’t see that.” Jun-ho said firmly, still chilled to the core.

Gi-hun’s eyes were still wide, completely shell-shock. “I have been traumatized twice in one night…” He shuddered, “I freaking need to bleach my eyes.”

“No, you don’t, cause it never happened.  We saw nothing, we are blind people who didn’t see a thing.”

Gi-hun was silent for the longest time, before speaking once more. “Does this make us homophobes?”

“Gi-hun… We’re dating.”

“Well, not really… But…”

“Yes, really.” Jun-ho said firmly, before sighing and dragging him to the beach pair chaises, with a large beach parasol in between, and making Gi-hun sit there. “I’ve been trying to tell you this since the second week we’ve been fake dating.”

Gi-hun’s heart pinched, Jun-ho didn’t have to outright say ‘fake dating’ so close to it coming to an end. “Tell me what?”

“That I like you.” Jun-ho confessed, his cheek going red. “Like, for real. And I got so caught up in a way to make it special when I tell you, that it drew out so long without me ever getting the point across.”

Gi-hun stared at the other boy, and gasped. He remembered all the times Jun-ho definitely went out and beyond fake boyfriend standards to be romantic. After coming to school after staying home sick, he heard a passing comment about how, the day before, Jun-ho was clearing out Gi-hun’s shoe locker of flowers. They commented how Gi-hun was sweet to send Jun-ho flowers even if he was sick, but Gi-hun remembered being confused because he sent no flowers. 

Jun-ho making that comment about walking him home regularly.

The love umbrella on the whiteboard, the hot milk cake… When Jun-ho kept trying to do something or tell him something during that movie, but he kept shushing him. And the times he would actually get jealous, like when that guy tried hitting on him back at school or with those ladies. It finally hit Gi-hun. 

Maybe Jun-ho liked him for real?

“You… You might really like me, Jun-ho?”

Jun-ho groaned, grabbing Gi-hun by the shoulders and shaking him. “No! I like you for real, Gi! So let me do this properly this time,” he took a breath, “Gi-hun, I want to go out with you. And I want to kiss you again… If you’ll let me.”

“I…” Gi-hun’s eyes were wide. Before he finally breaks into a smile, realizing that, this was real. Jun-ho wanted him as much as Gi-hun wanted him, if not more. “YES!”

Jun-ho broke into a wide grin as well, and before he could move, Gi-hun did first and pounced on him, bringing their lips together. Jun-ho’s eyes filled with tears, because he was too happy now, holding Gi-hun as much as he could. They had to break away in between to breathe properly, but a few more other kisses were exchanged before they settled in each other’s arms, completely contented. Jun-ho stroke the other’s face fondly, relieved beyond reason that they both know how real the meaning is with the touch.

They ended up falling asleep there, and getting scolded when morning came, as well as a guaranteed detention time when school resumed next Monday. But the two were too far high on cloud nine to really care at this point.

Ali never found out that it was all an act, but did notice there was something different and new about how Gi-hun and Jun-ho  interacted with each other. Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong never really confirmed their suspicions, but they were satisfied that they no longer felt the need to have them confirmed. As long as Gi-hun was happy. And now, Sae-byeok could slowly start warming up to Jun-ho for real and he would be one of those friends she had she would never admit to being her friend. Sangwoo just looked relieved that things worked itself out, and maybe he could use the money he saved up for Gi-hun’s ice cream for something else.

Gi-hun figured now, every time he saw Sangwoo talk and smile at Ali, that his own best friend needs to experience the kind of love he’s experiencing too.




“Sangwoo, c’mon! You don’t have to keep it a secret any longer. I know you like him.”


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