Sepp Straka

Woodshow Gallery 1994

Keala Box

   <h2 align="center">Best of Show</h2>       <p>JER  HOUSTON - <em>“Keala Box”</em></p>                 <p> </p>       <p>First place Furniture</p>       <p>ALAN  WILKINSON - <em>Coffee Table,  Slip-Matched Kamani Veneers</em></p>                 <p> </p>       <p>First Place Art & Crafts</p>       <p>DAVID  GOMES - <em>“Io”</em> <em>Steel String Guitar,  Kiawe</em></p>                 <p> </p>       <p>First Place, Architecture</p>       <p>Jane Flint -<em>Sliding Window with  Jamb and Sill, </em><em>Hawaiian-Grown Australian Cedar</em></p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Chair" width="551" height="720" /></p>       <p>Honorable mention, Furniture</p>       <p>Joel Bright, Chair</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Bob Butts" width="720" height="573" /></p>       <p>Honorable mention, Furniture</p>       <p>Robert Butts, Pedestal Table</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Coffee Table" width="720" height="571" /></p>       <p>Honorable mention, Furniture</p>       <p>Marian Yasuda, Coffee Table with Glass</p>                 <p> </p>       <p>Honorable mention, Furniture</p>       <p>Robert Ueki</p>                 <p> </p>       <p>Honorable mention, Art & Crafts</p>       <p>Robert Butts</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Vessel" width="720" height="642" /></p>       <p>Honorable mention, Art & Crafts</p>       <p>Kelly Dunn, Hollow Vessel</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Ukulele" width="534" height="720" /></p>       <p>Honorable mention, Art & Crafts</p>       <p>Pete and Geralyn Hurley, Acoustic Ukulele (Non-traditional form)</p>                 <p> </p>       <p>Honorable mention, Art & Crafts</p>       <p>Scott Sullivan</p>                 <p> </p>       <p>Honorable mention, Architecture</p>       <p>John Nippolt</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Chair" width="557" height="720" /></p>       <p>Dean Johnston, Chair #4</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Bowl" width="720" height="561" /></p>       <p>Jack Straka, Natural Edge Bowl</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Bed" width="720" height="565" /></p>       <p>Joel Bright, Early American Sleigh Bed</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Side Table" width="720" height="571" /></p>       <p>John Gonczar, Side Table</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Cabinet" width="562" height="720" /></p>       <p>John Wittenburg, Free-Standing cabinet on a Pedestal</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Table" width="720" height="576" /></p>       <p>Joseph Hagedorn, Sofa Table</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Chair" width="578" height="720" /></p>       <p>Marco Gutierrez, Chair with Leather Upholstery</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Mirror" width="559" height="720" /></p>       <p>Marco Gutierrez, Cheval Mirror</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Starfish" width="720" height="558" /></p>       <p>Michael Lee, Starfish</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Pool Cues" width="566" height="720" /></p>       <p>Ricardo Dellera, Pool Cues</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Bowl" width="720" height="560" /></p>       <p>Sepp Koch, Natural Edge Bowl</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Wall plates" width="720" height="547" /></p>       <p>Terence Spencer, Wall Plate Display</p>                  <p><img src="" alt="Surf boards" width="500" height="720" /></p>       <p>Gary Young, Surf boards</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Mirror" width="565" height="720" /></p>       <p>Alan Wilkinson, Dressing Mirror and Stand</p>                 <p><img src="" alt="Wall plates" width="720" height="569" /></p>       <p>Dean French, Table</p>            <!-- end #mainContent -->


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